Class Size Counts files initiative for the 2014 ballot

April 7, 2014 | For Immediate Release

I-1351 will reduce class size for every Washington child; State currently ranks 47th nationally in class size

Seattle – Class Size Counts has filed an initiative with the Secretary of State to put class size reduction on the 2014 ballot.  The organization will now gather signatures toward placing I-1351 on the November ballot.  Washington currently ranks 47th in the nation for class size.  

“The State Supreme Court has given Washington leaders clear instructions to increase funding for education, so there is no excuse for Washington to stay 47th in the nation when it comes to class size,” said Class Size Counts Campaign Manager Mary Howes. “We are preparing to take this issue directly to the people, and are confident voters will deliver a clear mandate to reduce class size.”

 In 2009 the Quality Education Council – a bi-partisan council created by the legislature – recommended class size reductions from 16% to 30% depending on grade level and other factors. The initiative filed by class size counts – initiative 1351 – will require the state to fund the QEC recommendations.  While every classroom would benefit from I-1351, the initiative prioritizes class size reduction in the lowest grades and in high poverty schools as a first step.

“Every student in our state, regardless of geography, or background, deserves the opportunity to learn and succeed in an uncrowded classroom,” said Class Size Counts Olympia Committee member Desi Saylor.  "I’ll be urging my friends and neighbors to vote yes on 1351.”

Class Size Counts is a statewide, community-focused organization working to make Washington families more aware of overcrowded classrooms and promote grass-roots activism to address the problem.

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Sterling Clifford

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